She Just Loves To Chip!

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The Dreadful Chip

She Just Loves To Chip!

Isn’t it great….
You spend all this time thinking about what color to paint your nails…
What kind of design to overlay… You leave the salon… or your house if you did your mani yourself (like i do)

You’re in your glory… happy as a clam… psyched that your nails are done & ready to hit the town…

and then the next day, hour or minute later……

The Unthinkable Happens!

That %#^&!@& CHIP!

The Dreadful Chip

Oh well… I suppose tonight’s gym session was a little too rough .. Sorry I didn’t take better care of you Miss Mani.
Better luck next time…
I guess Jay Z say’s it best… On To The Next.
[vimeo w=500&h=375]

Just a Few Tips:Ā  To prevent chipping:
Always scrub your nails with a nail brush prior to putting on your base coat.
Take a tissue and dip it i nail polish remover and apply it over your bare nail before adding your base coat
By applying these simple tips will help remove oils from your nails which can ’cause that unbearable chip.

Feel free to share you’re not so favorite but oh so relatable chip story.

Long Live Beautiful Nails!!!!


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