Chanel Makeup is #1

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Chanel Makeup is #1

I’m sure you can relate when I say, Finding the perfect mascara is REALLY Challenging! Well, like most I’ve been through many… the over the counter mascara’s such as Great Lash, Cover Girl etc… you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve also had my fair share of $20-$30 mascara’s from department stores too.

But let me say… Once you go Chanel … you’ll never go back to anything less!

Here’s the brief story of how i discovered Chanel Make-Up.

I was in Ft. Lauderdale for MLK weekend and I had a family party to attend. I left a bunch of my make-up at home in CT. thinking I could get my make-up done at the mall the day before the event and be set with some new colors. So, I went to the MAC counter in Macy’s in the Galleria thinking I would find a make-up artist to do my eyes & intern, would buy the product and be good for the weekend… SO NOT the case!!
The girl at the counter actually had the nerve to tell me that she couldn’t have anyone do my make-up because they were short staffed… meanwhile there was no one in the store!! So after giving her an earful, I walked out and went to Neiman Marcus…. a bit overwhelmed at Neimans, I went to Sephora. Bad move there.. the girl who attempted to do my eyes didn’t know what she was doing… so I thanked her very much and returned to Neiman Marcus where I was approached by 2 amazing ladies, who directed me straight to the Chanel counter & introduced me to the most amazing make-up artist & the rest was history!

I was so lucky, her shift was about to end, and instead of leaving she stayed and did 2 looks for me, a day & a night look! Go figure I can’t remember her name at the moment.. but if I can rummage up her card I will post it. She was my savior that day, before I found her all that was running through my head was my mother telling me… “I told you, you should have made an appointment with my make-up artist in Boca”… blah blah blah…

The mascara is called Inimitable Intense Mascara #10

The Look: Gives the appearance of false lashes.Β 
Results: Full, lengthy lashes & No clumping.

I know it’s good because my mother complimented how full my lashes looked and went out the next day to pick up a mascara for herself.

Inimitable Intense Mascara

Inimitable Intense Mascara

I have to say… For years I have been a big fan of Nars & Giorgio Armani’s make-up… but now that I’ve been exposed to Chanel, I don’t think I will be switching to anything else for a while.

I also picked up Ombres Contraste Duo – Eyeshadow Duo – 37 Sable
I’ve received so many compliments on this one.
Results: Long Lasting – If applied correctly it will make your eyes pop!

Ombres Contraste Duo – 37 SABLE

Β Another great product is Illusion D’ Ombre – 85 Mirifique
She used this to make a smoky eye.
It’s a pot of smooth, dark grey, shimmer butter/gel – that glides on your eye lids like butter.
See the pic below.

I wanted to share my discoveries because I know how it feels when you’re a bit out of sorts & in dire need of some new make-up.
My suggestion.. don’t be afraid to take a chance,Β  hit up a high end department store and shoot over to the Chanel counter.Β  9 times out of 10 you’ll get an artists who is extremely professional and will listen to your needs and give you exactly what you’re looking for, without wasting countless amounts of time. Knowing you’ll walk out extremely satisfied and looking FAB, is well worth the small investment.

You can purchase these products at Nordstroms, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman.
Or you can purchase directly from the Chanel website.

If you have any thoughts feel free to share I am always looking for great beauty finds.