Mani Monday – Caviar Nails

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Caviar Nails

Mani Monday – Caviar Nails

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Happy Monday Nail Enthusiasts.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
My weekend consisted of Friday Night Rihanna Diamonds Concert,Ā  Saturday gym, nails & recapping of the concert & Sunday.. more concert recapping. šŸ™‚

So obviously.. I’m a bit of a Rihanna Fanatic!Ā  The concert was at the XL Center in Hartford, CT., and I figured what better occasion to try out new Caviar Manicure Kit!

“Ciate Caviar Manicure”

Get the Look of Caviar Nails!

Caviar Nails

Review: ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…Ā  Absolutely Love It!
Get it at Sephora – $$$
DH Gate – $$
Ciate – Official Web Site – UK

The Caviar Manicure comes with a pink polish, a polish bottle filled with multi-colored beads & a mini funnel to put the unused beads back in the bottle.Ā  The directions state to apply 1 or 2 coats of polish & then sprinkle the beads over your nails.

I was skeptical at first, wondering how these beads would stick to the polish?Ā  I was right for doubting.. so after a little trial and error I came up with the right method to make this manicure work.

First I put my base coat on my nails – Seche Clear
Then I put 2 coats of the pink polish supplied in the kit and let it dry.
– Poured the beads into a small cup (pyrex 1/2 cup bowl)

I wanted to have the beads only on the tips of my nails and 1 nail as an accent so, I painted a 3rd layer of the polish just over the tips and while the paint was still wet I dipped my nail into the beads.

I let it cure for about 15 minutes and then i was out the door!
You can overlay the beads with a top coat.. but I choose to do without one.

Here’s the end results of my Caviar Manicure!

Candy Nails

Ā I absolutely love this look!!Ā  It was so fun to do… and the beads stayed on all night.Ā  They probably would have lasted me all weekend but I couldn’t stop fussing and playing with them.
If you want to create this look as a DIY project I would suggest stopping off at your local Michaels Art Supply Store and picking up some Mini Beads the size of tiny round sprinkles, a little Clear Elmers Glue and your Favorite Polish.Ā  It’s such a cute and creative way to dress up your nails for a special occasion!

I would love to know your thoughts.
Leave a Comment and let me know if you’ve ever tried a 3D nail project such as this and how it came out.
Long Live Beautiful Decorated Nails!!

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  1. Holly says:

    Thanks Esther!!

  2. Esther says:

    LOVE IT !!!! Can’t wait to try it out. Love your Trendy Nail blog too! šŸ™‚

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