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The Polished Life

Nail Polish Tips: Extending the life of your manicure

Are you living the polished life?  Always polished or at least trying to be?  Well if you said yes to either one of these then hopefully you’ll find this post interesting. Here’s a few tips on how to extend the life of your average manicure.  No, need to break the bank, or even go in …


TUTORIAL THURSDAY: Easy Steps for Fancy Nails

It’s TRENDY NAIL TUTORIAL THURSDAY! Today I wanted to show you how to add a subtle twist to a once solid nail, transforming your nails using a simple nail art design.  One way of changing the look of your solid nails is by using a matte nail polish! Another way is by adding a simple …


NAIL POLISH REVEALED: Essie Grays & Mattes

Feeling like wearing a darker shade but not in the mood for a deep red, brown or blue?  Well, that’s exactly how I was feeling when I chose to wear a Power Clutch by Essie. Power Clutch is a flat deep gray … it leans towards the greener side of the color wheel.  Casting a …

Azature Champagne Nail Art

NAIL ART TUTORIAL: Simple 5 Minute Mani!

Hey there nail enthusiasts! Craving some simple nail designs?  Well there’s not much to this one… simple and easy.. 2 steps and 3 if you add the matte nail polish at the end.   NO NAIL ART TOOLS NEEDED!!! Take a look at the steps to achieve this 5 minute manicure! The Tools: Off White Nail …

Matte vs. Shiny Lacquers

Matte polishes have been trending this season.  They give a great look to your normally shiny polish.  It’s like having 2 polishes for the price of one! So… as I was recently milling around for a matte top coat without breaking the bank.  I was having the hardest time locating something in a local store.  …

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