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Video Tutorial: Nail Stamping with Essie

Hey there nail enthusiasts! Obsessed with my new nail stamping plates and clear nail stamper, i wanted to try out another subtle nail pattern.  Using two monochromatic nail polish shades from Essie and one of my new stamping plates from i gave it a shot! Still in the intermediate stages of nail stamping i …

nail stamping 101

How-To Guide: Nail Stamping 101

Hey there nail enthusiasts! For those of you who struggle with nail stamping I have a few tips that might make what used to be daunting task a cinch! I was lucky enough to get a sample of 2 new nail stamping plates from the reps at as well as a brand new clear …


Tutorial: Nail Art Stamping

Welcome to the Art of Nail Stamping! Ever wonder how people get those little intricate designs flawlessly printed on their nails? Most of the time nail artists use a technique called “Nail Stamping” It’s exactly that… There are these little metal plates with patterns engraved on them.  All you have to do is paint your …

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