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Introducing essie bridal 2015 collection:

This year, in the spirit of old and new, essie is bringing together a curated collection of six of their most adored (and adore-a-ball) sheers to go hand-in-hand with six new shades that kick-off this year’s bridal season in celebratory style.

Like a bridal party of polishes, the essie bridal 2015 collection gives every bride – and everyone in
her party – the ideal accessory for every occasion and event, and of course, the big day. Elegant and timeless,
essie’s sheers and creams are the perfect fit for big dreamers and blissful brides who strive for flawless,
graceful looks.

With 12 shades in total, the extended bridal palette allows brides to create a dazzling
match for any shade of white, cream, vanilla, antique, blush the possibilities are endless!
brides to be all go through the inevitable pre-wedding jitters! That’s why a bachelorette party is a perfect
way to shake it off with the ladies – just brides no grooms. By the night of the rehearsal dinner, she’ll
know for certain that tying the knotie has been worth the wait. On the big day, she walks down the
aisle radiating allure from her gorgeous smile down to her perfect ballet slippers. mademoiselle no
more, today she’s the vanity fairest of them all. After the “I do’s,” isn’t it beyond adore-a-ball to see
the bride and her sugar daddy dancing cheek to cheek? As the happy occasion comes to an end, she
may just skip the cake and have hubby for dessert, instead. A bride gets what she wants, because you
know what they say: happy wife happy life. the end.

essie’s bridal 2015 collection retails at $8.50 per bottle and will be available in April 2015 at, fine salons and beauty destinations nationwide.


essie’s 2015 bridal collection includes 6 NEW shades with a bridal-inspired decorated cap:

  • tying the knotie – sheer floral pink
  • hubby for dessert- sheer candied, lilac smooth
  • worth the wait- coral-kissed pink
  • brides to be- soft-spoken caramel
  • brides no grooms- bachelorette-bright pink
  • happy wife happy life – radiant red orange

Loving this entire collection my favorite color is Hubby for Dessert an everyday soft sheer, lilac.  It’s just a gorgeous color that i’ve been looking for and I’m so happy Essie came up with the formula.  A must try if you’re looking for a sheer nail polish with a subtle tint of lilac purple.


Here’s a close up of each shade and a short description and review.

tying the knotie

A sheer pink.  Very pretty sheer pink.  Goes on a tad bit streaky but a great color to layer or for a french.
A 2 coat max and you’re out the door.


hubby for dessert

My favorite out of the collection.  Hubby for desert is a soft sheer, lilac. 2 coats is all you’ll need for this color.


worth the wait
For those of you who like wearing corals.  Worth the wait is a sheer coral.  Another pretty color that can be worn as a base color for a french manicure.  I actually tried layering worth the wait under tying the knotie and was happy with the results.


brides to be

A creamy sheer caramel neutral.  Subtle and nude for those of you looking for a barely there sheer nail polish.


brides no grooms

A hot pink, perfect for summer!  Brides no grooms is a cooler hot pink.  A great shade for those of you with an olive skin tone.  I would have to say it’s a bit more on the coral side.  But regardless.. brides no grooms is a great mani or pedi color.


happy wife happy life

A bright red-orange.  Not my favorite red, just because it’s a bit cooler.  But for those of you with olive skin tone this shade will look great.


All and all, i must say Essie’s bridal 2015 collection has a shade for just about everyone!

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