Azature Nude & Violet Diamond Polish

Hey there nail enthusiasts!
Today I have a special post for you featuring 2 brand new colors from Azature’s line of Diamond Nail Polishes!
2 days ago I was pleasantly surprised with a very special package at my door!  (which by the way had an Azature sticker on the front)  Overly excited with anticipation I immediately opened it!  Now, just so you know… for me, when I see something from Azature I know it’s going to be good.  Well this was way better than good… it was GREAT!…Actually even better than GREAT … it was Flippin’ AWESOME!!!!!

Alas… 2 brand new shades recently launched by Azature.  On the left: Azature Violet Diamond and on the right Azature Nude Diamond.  Take a look below!


I couldn’t be more pleased!  Just what i needed to end my night!  So although it was 11pm I had to try them out.

First I tried the Azature Nude.  A light pink (warm tone / leaning more on the blueish side of pinks)  At first glimpse it reminded me of Delicacy by Essie.  A shimmery, sheer pale pink.  We all know that Essie leads the industry in shades of pinks, but Azature came up with a really nice blend that marvels above the rest.  Don’t get me wrong… I do love Essie, but there’s something special about Azature…maybe it’s the Black Diamond in every bottle?! 😉


The first coat applies sheer, the second coat will give you coverage but still allowing your nail tip to peak thru just a tinge & by the third coat I had a solid set of bubble gum pink nails.  If you’re looking for a luxurious nail polish in pale pink then definitely pick up a bottle of Azature Nude.  I even think it will be a great shade for all you die hard french manicure wearers!  A great shade even for your toes.  I love the fact that you can layer this polish without it getting clumpy or gooey.   This  is going to be a show stopper for all you “Brides to Be”  What a perfect way to pamper yourself!

PROS:  Go from Sheer (1 coat) to Opaque (3 coats) seamlessly without streaking, 1 black diamond in every bottle

Azature Nail Polish Collections can be purchased at the following:  HSN,,,

Take a look at some of the pics below…



I really wanted to try out the Azature Violet but didn’t want to remove the Azature Nude so I simply applied a few light strokes of the Azature Violet over the Azature Nude and here’s what came out…


My photo just doesn’t do it any justice!  Way prettier in person… Azature Violet is a MUST HAVE in your nail polish arsenal!  I can’t stress enough how magical this nail polish looks on your nails.  It casts a gorgeous shade of shimmery blue violet mixed with delicate violet glitter.  Anyone who loves purple MUST HAVE Azature Violet!!!  If you decide to use this a a layered polish.  Your overall color depth with depend on how much you put on your brush.  For the nails above I wiped off a lot of the excess nail polish before applying it over my solid pink leaving my nails with a soft violet washed glitter effect.


Azature Nail Polish Collections can be purchased at the following:  HSN,,,

Stay tuned for more swatches and nail art with Azature Violet.

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