NAILS REVEALED: AZATURE Faint White Swatches & Reviews

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NAILS REVEALED: AZATURE Faint White Swatches & Reviews



White nails… always a great color to wear all year round, especially if you have shorter nails!  I love seeing a solid white nail on short nails… it looks so sophisticated and classic.  My only gripe with painting my own nails with white nail polish is how tricky it can be to get an even finish!

I’ve finally figured it out though… it’s actually not me who has an unsteady hand… it’s the polish consistency that makes it sometimes so difficult!

I was ready to swear off solid white nails until I was sent a bottle of Azature Faint White!  Then all my troubles were gone!  I can honestly say out of the few white nail polishes i’ve tried Azature makes the #1 Best White!  (Compaired to OPI-Alpine Snow, Essie-Blanc, Pure Ice -Superstar & CND Vinylux Studio White)

Granted it’s $25/bottle but I’m telling you… it’s definitely worth every penny.  It lasts the longest without chipping, glides on smooth & opaque after the first coat & should last you at least 6-12 months or more provided you store it in a cool dry place and keep the cap on tight.. I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasts even longer.  I’ve had mine for about 6 months now and the consistency hasn’t changed a bit!  I know this for sure, when I run out i’ll definitely be picking up another bottle.

Azature recently launched it’s own shopping site too, so you can buy the polishes directly from the manufacturer himself!

HSN also carries Azature Faint White & happens to be offering FREE SHIPPING!

In the photos shown I’m wearing 2 coats of Azature Faint White.

Check out a few more pictures… & let me know your thoughts on Azature nail polishes.




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(Photo credits:  Nails by Holly for The Trendy Nail)


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