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Essie Cashmere Collection Swatches & Reviews

In case you didn’t catch my last post… Essie launched a new colored matte nail polish collection called “Cashmere Matte” for 2015.

I wish i had something better to say about this collection, but unfortunately i don’t … its an absolute EPIC FAIL!
I expressed my feelings about the collection last Thursday when I debuted some cashmere matte nail art… and today will be a full blown, detailed review of each color.
Let me start off by saying… i probably wouldn’t buy any of these colors unless they were on sale for $1.99.  So, with that being said… keep a look out at your local Ulta Beauty Supply store, CVS or even online at Amazon… because I can’t imagine them staying at full price.  Each polish retails for $8.50/ bottle.

Negatives:  Chips easily, impossible to apply without streaking, first coat looks horrible and takes 3 coats to get a somewhat flawless finish.
Positives/Negatives:  Each color removes quickly accept Spun in Luxe (the darkest shade in the collection) – which will stain your skin and is a major pain in the neck to remove unless you use acetone.  Even with acetone it’s a nightmare.  Some colors have a pretty hue ie. Comfy in cashmere & coat couture.

Regarding the entire collection as a whole… I’d say, just buy a clear matte top coat and be done… it’s all you really need anyways to transform your regular shiny nail polish into matte.   Who needs a matte color version, that doesn’t even last & is a b*tch to put on and take off! — sorry for the vulgarity… but this was the biggest waste of my time!


Wrap Me Up – Essie Cashmere Matte
A pretty natural creme color and as a matte it’s a cool shade.  Unfortunately… this was the hardest of all the colors to get a solid streak free finish.  The first coat went on horribly, followed by the second.  Then by the third i was able to get a satisfactory finish… but the fact that it took 3 coats was ridiculous.  Besides… applying messy … imagine how bad it would be for a newby nail artist?  Uggghhh…. i’d have to say… Pass on this one for sure.

Wrap-me-up-essie cashmere matte

Just Stitched- Essie Cashmere Matte

Pearly pink is exactly that.  Another nightmare to apply… this one is definitely tied for worst polish to apply.  Streaks galore… ugghhh…
The shade is pretty .. but as far as a matte nail polish.. I’d have to say PASS on this one too… 3 coats to get a good finish.  NIGHTMARE #2!!!


Comfy in Cashmere- Essie Cashmere Matte

This one is probably my favorite in the collection.  Super easy to apply and only took 2 coats.  I really like the mauve tone… it’s pretty and neutral.
If you’re dying to try any … this one’s a GO!

Comfy-in-cashmere-essie cashmere matte

Coat Couture- Essie Cashmere Matte

My second favorite in the collection a matte metallic purple.  Also pretty easy to apply.  2 coats and i was good to go.


All Eyes on Nudes- Essie Cashmere Matte

Eghhh… next… another nightmare… Streakville…. 3 coats… and it still looked like garbage… Pass!


Spun in Luxe- Essie Cashmere Matte (over) Wrap me up

Spun in Luxe was my favorite to look at … but to apply.. well that’s another story all together.
I think this would be a great shade in a shiny version… but as a matte it’s an epic fail!  It definitely has a cool sparkle undertone… but it’s a bit thick and well… just really hard to get a good finish in under 3 coats.
For a dark color, wearing 3 coats…means Super big mess to remove!  Might as well have a whole bag of cotton balls at your disposal if you’re gonna try this one!  MEH 😐


To sum it all up….. well i’m sorry to say but Essie really messed up with this one.  I don’t know why they would release a group of polishes that weren’t up to “Essie” standards… which I would think would be pretty high… considering the track record.
Anyways… everyone’s entitled to a fail once in a blue moon.. so I’ll give Essie a pass on this collection.  But i really hope they don’t waist anymore time on trying to develop this line ’cause it’s just not a good concept.

The only company that came out with a steller line of colored matte polishes is Zoya and i’d have to say, that they really nailed that collection.  But even their latest Naturel Satins Collection bit the big one.

Stick to the shiny and glitter nail polishes…. that’s what everyone loves anyways…

Matte nails are a trend.. and yeah they’re cool but honestly… no one’s going to use these matte colors for complicated nail art ’cause they immediately chip upon layering.  It’s just a waist…

Sorry Essie… you know i love you, but this collection is a FAIL.  Onto the next… 🙂

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