786 Water Permeable Nail Polish

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Jakarta 786 Nail Polish

786 Water Permeable Nail Polish

Hey guys,
I have an amazing new line of nail lacquers that i think you’ll love!

Let me start by saying that not all the new lines i try are great. The nail industry is a tough market especially when new companies are trying to break through and compete against top staple brands such as Zoya, Essie and OPI.
It’s so important for brands to be innovative now-a-days. There’s always a new trend on the rise and now more than ever we have become more aware of eliminating the harsh chemicals and gravitating towards paraben-free, cruelty free and even vegan health and beauty products.

786 Nail Polish has definitely developed an innovative, quality nail polish!
The first nail polish I’ve heard of being 100% water permeable. Meaning that water and oxygen can reach the nail surface when wearing their polish. 786 Nail Polish is “Halal” Certified.

You might ask why is this important?
Well, besides being healthier for your skin and nails.
There are certain religious cultures that require there to be no barrier between your body and water, during ritual cleanings such as Wudu. — “Wudu” is an an islamic procedure for cleansing parts of the body, a type of ritual purification. 

The Mikveh bath is another religious ritual found in the Jewish culture. Used for the purpose of ritual immersion to achieve ritual purity.
I would be very curious if it would be acceptable for women to wear 786 nail polish in the Mikveh seeing that it is water permeable and Halal certified. (just a thought) πŸ˜‰

Here’s a video showing the water permeability test!

In addition to the water permeability/breathability aspect… they’re also

  • Verified by PETA as Vegan and Cruelty-Free
  • 11-Free (free of 11 harsh chemicals found in existing nail polishes)

The 3 shades i received were Jakarta – A violet purple. Opaque after the first coat. No streaking and long lasting. Very easy to apply and dries quickly too.

Jakarta 786 Nail Polish

Agra– A gorgeous warm red. Perfect for all seasons. Opaque after the first coat. No streaking and long lasting. – Great Mani or Pedi Color!

Chefchaouen a gorgeous, creamy, opaque deep blue green/teal.

I’ve found that 786 nail polish tends to last the typical 7-10 days depending on how you are with your hands. I love the fact that my nails can fully breathe while the nail polish is covering them too! I even love the idea that when i put moisturizer on my hands and nails that its actually permeating through the nail polish to my actual nail bed. (Great for hydration)

I just can’t say enough about this brand. Granted it’s a newer brand with a small assortment of shades, they definitely have the right go-2 staples to choose from and they most definitely have a shade for everyone. Plus, all of their products are Made in the USA.

You can find the 786 brand on Amazon.com as well as their website https://www.786cosmetics.com/shop/
Each bottle Retails for $12.95 in addition to colors they also sell a water permeable clear top coat.

They also have a Rewards Program too!
Just for creating an account you get 100 points as well as on your birthday. For every purchase that is made you will get 10 points per $1.00.
Discounts will be given once you have accumulated enough points. IE. 500 points will get you $5 off, 1000 points will get $10 off, etc. 

So, if you’re in the market for a new batch of polishes, definitely check out 786cosmetics.com and let me know what you think! I know you won’t be disappointed!
Stay tuned for additional 786 reviews coming soon!
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